National Running Day

National Running Day is observed on the first Wednesday of June each year. It is a day that runners across America reaffirm their passion for running. But what a great day for beginners to initiate a commitment to running, as well! Whether it’s a few miles or once around the block, solo or with friends, choose your method of observing this day and get out there and enjoy.

Paola Pathways has more than 11 miles of trail that are just waiting for your footprints!

Earth Day

Earth Day began in 1970 as millions of people took to the streets to protest negative impacts of industrial development on our planet. Earth Day is now a global event each year in what may be the largest civic-formed day of activism in the world.

This April 22nd, celebrate by getting outside and enjoying the smell of fresh air and companionship with nature. Invite someone to join you to make a difference this Earth Day by picking up litter along a trail. You will feel good, and so will Mother Earth!