Lake Miola Trail progress

With a mission of building “safe, high-quality, trails and lanes,” the task force devoted a great deal of time to discussing multiple options for the most efficient and safe way to connect the west and east sides of Lake Miola Trail south of the dam. In early February, the Paola Public Works Department built and installed a steel bridge that crosses directly over the spillway.  It was intentionally designed with a narrower 6-ft. width to deter unlawful vehicular traffic.

This bridge features a mesh-style flooring so that snow, ice, and rain do not accumulate on the deck. Chain link fencing was also incorporated on both sides of the decking, as well as along the spillway wing walls for added safety. Landscaping timbers serve as retention walls for rainwater runoff.

Once the bridge was in place, the crew focused their efforts on completing the section of trail between South Woods and East Miola Trailheads. A small gravel parking lot was added near the trail just south of the intersection of East Lake Miola Drive and 299th Street.  To remain consistent with all other locations, the East Miola Trailhead kiosk was relocated near the new parking lot.

Trail crossing signage was installed along 299th and stop signs were added to the trail posts warning users that the street traffic does not stop. Wide white bars were also painted on the three street crossings along the trail for enhanced visibility.

Now our sights are set on finishing the last small section of Lake Miola Trail. Several years ago it seemed redundant to build trail parallel to the gravel roads near Lakeview Addition. However, at a recent task force meeting, members agreed that the gravel is not conducive to a pleasant biking/running/walking experience. Therefore, this winter limestone trail will be built south of Lakeview Trailhead near the picnic shelter.

Once the trail is complete, an accurate map of Lake Miola Trail will be designed and signage will be installed in each of the six kiosks surrounding the lake. Donors who contributed to Phase 2 will be recognized along with our sustaining sponsors on these kiosks. Engraved pavers purchased by many of our proud partners are already featured in the kiosk patios.